Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cupcake Icing..

So I've been dying to know how you get your icing to look like the icing on these cupcakes. I know it's a round tip, but I can't seem to figure out the number and type of icing that will pipe like this. If anyone knows please leave a comment below! Thanks in advance, and have a wonderful week :)

Saturday, August 7, 2010


So this is going to kind of be a long post with lots of pictures! Yay! I love pictures and my camera is so awesome :)

So this past week, you could say I got my baking on! I baked Banana Cupcakes, with a honey-cinnamon icing. I got the recipe for Mini Baker's blog. I love her blog and recipes! I don't know how to link her site or I would. Here is a picture of the yummy cupcakes!

Then I decided last night that I wanted to make homemade marshmellows. Why? I'm not really sure b/c I'm not a huge marshmellow fan. I LOVE mini marshmellows that come in your hot chocolate. They are the bomb, but regular marshmellows are just ok. I got a little clever and decided to dip them in coconut and some in crushed graham crackers like smores! They were pretty good after all. The recipe made a ton of them though! Here's what they look like!

While I was making the homemade marshmellows, my husband and I were enjoying the storm. Like I mentioned earlier, my camera is AWESOME so I had to run outside and snap a few pictures of the lovely clouds and dark sky!

Last but not least. My bubs(little brother) is going back to college tomorrow, so we went shopping yesterday to get all the stuff for him to take back. Walmart and target have a great selection of back to school things. I'm not going to school but I love to look at all the neat things they have and the bright colors! I was so excited when i saw this personal coffee maker in their sales ad for $17. For my momma's birthday in February we bought her one of the Keriug coffee makers. If you know what I'm talking about you know they are expensive, so when I saw this I was like heck yes! So we went to walmart yesterday and they only had pink. My husband wouldn't be too happy if i brought a pink coffee maker home so I decided I would wait. Well today we ran to a different walmart and they had green and black and since our kitchen is done in black and stainless steel my husband said we needed to get black so here she is...

I can't wait till the fall/winter when I will be drinking coffee every morning :)

Anyways, I guess that's all I wanted to share..except for I went to sign up for Wilton Cake Decorating classes today and Hobby Lobby, Jo Ann's, and Michael's were all booked or had already started the class :( So we have to wait till September. I'm super excited about that!

Have a great weekend everyone!