Monday, April 4, 2011


This past weekend we had a bake sale at our church. I had totally forgotten about it until Saturday afternoon so I didn't have time to make anything from scrath, as I would have liked. I ran some errands with my momma and I picked up a lemon bar mix(my sister's fav) and a Chocolate Chip Brownie-Cookie mix(half brownie/half cookie).

Orginally, I wanted to make the homemade Nutella Twix bars that Savory Sweet Life made here, but as I stated above, I didn't have enough time to make enough for the bake sale. After whipping up those mixes, I decided I had enough time to make just two of the twix for my hubby and I to try. Boy, were they a hit. My husband raved, and raved about them (:

Needless to say, if you get a chance you definitely want to try this treat.

* Instead of using pretzels, I used those new Wheat Thin Honey Wheat Stix, awesome subsitute in my opinion, even though their close to the same taste, and I used Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips to dip them in.*

I'm on a mission to find a recipe for homemade Almond Joy Bars ; )

Have a fabulous week!
*Be Blessed, and forget the stress*