Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Cookies!

Ok so all day Friday my momma and I baked and decorated cookies for our church Easter Egg Hunt. I didn't get to snap but one picture of just a few of the cookies I decorated. I wasn't too thrilled about them, but hey they are cute and I got lots of compliments on them and how they taste :)

I'm still working on getting down the "right" consistency of flooding my cookies. It seems as though it's either too thick and clumpy or too thin and runs over the sides. (any suggestions are welcome?!) So with that being said, I want to thank everyone who has helped me and given me advice thus far. It makes me want to keep on going and just work at getting better everyday and for that I thank each of you! I wish I knew how to link your blog but i can't figure it out. If you know how please let me know.

here's the pic of the cookies. They were set on top of each other before compeltely dry, so some are smeared.

I hope all of you had a wonderful Easter and a terrific week!



  1. The cookies look great & so yummy! Keep up the good work :)

  2. This picture doesn't do them justice. They turned out so cute & even better, they were absolutely delicious!! :)

  3. They came out cute! It took me about four times before I got it right! The more you make them the better you get;o)


  4. Such cute cookies! Did you buy separate cookie cutters for this?

  5. I think they turned out adorable!! Just keep will find what works for you!