Saturday, December 4, 2010

What's better than a good ol' Chocolate Chip Cookie

..not much, in my opinion! ;) I love me some Chocolate Chip cookies, as does my husband. My husbie has been craving some good ol' chocolate chip cookies lately, and I've been looking for a good recipe. I came across Nestle's original recipe and I have to say, it is the BEST! I might be a little biased, seems how this precious fellow,

also know as our son, his name is Nestle :)

Back to the cookies. You have got to try this recipe. I made some with just chocolate chips, some with walnuts and some with cranberries. Yum! They are all equally delicious! I also made some small and some great big ones :) My favorite thing about this recipe is, somehow the chocolate chips, no matter if they're straight out of the oven or have set over night, melt in your mouth!!

The one with a bite out of it, has walnuts, choco chips, & cranberries!

Hope you're having a great weekend!


  1. So they stay soft? Remind me in the next few days and I will send you the carmel email is

  2. Your dog is so adorable! And I love his name too! Too bad Hershey can't enjoy chocolate chip cookies too!

  3. ADORABLE dog! I love chocolate labs.. almost as much as I love chocolate chip cookies! Just found your blog :)
    -Mini Baker

  4. Oooh they sound delish! I found an incredible choc chip cookie recipe and the "secret" ingredient is espresso powder. The recipe is too good not to share so I posted it on my blog a few months ago and have been receiving positive feedback ever since. If you're interested look in my index under "recipes". Enjoy!

    BTW - What a handsome pup!! :o)

  5. I got the silver tray at Walmart this summer!

    Leah @

  6. Oh, he's a cutie.

    I haven't had CCC in forever and haven't baked any even longer! I need to make some for my kiddos.

  7. These look so good!!!

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