Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pumpkin Spice Rice Crispy Treats!

Oh my goodness! I went to Walmart a few weeks ago. When I came home I got the mail and there was a Walmart ad in the paper. In the ad there were Pumpkin Spice Marshmallows. Oh my, I had to go back and get some.

This past weekend, we went back to Walmart and I picked up a bag of these jewels. On the way home, I was talking to my husband, when a light bulb went off. I know what I'm going to make with these...Pumpkin Rice cripsy treats. He was like good idea. So I got home and whipped these babies right up.

Man are they delighful. You must try them. Not only are they the perfect hint of pumpkin. They're a rich burnt orange color(hook 'em) and the little marshmallows are in the shape of pumpkins!!

P.S. I totally came up with the recipe myself and when I went to throw away the empty bag of marshmallows there was a recipe similar on the back :/ Oh well, I promise I really came up with it myself (:


  1. I saw these at halloween time and wanted to find them again, and they were gone at thanksgiving time! I'm definitely on a rice krispie treat kick! (thanks for stopping by too!)

  2. Good. Gravy. Those sound amazing! I've got to make these. and give you full credit of course, no matter what the bag says! :-)

  3. Pumpkin spice marshmallows??? Holy smokes! I've never seen these but I'm going to go on a search for them today! These sound delicious!!!

  4. ahhh story of my life! I'll be so flipping proud of myself and then google my creation... only to find a similar recipe pop up! This was a brilliant idea and great minds just think alike! <3 I would devour a few of these easily! =)

    just found your blog today! loving it!