Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween Cupcake Stand :)

I've got to say, this is the most exciting post I've ever done! Today was Homecoming at our church(our church's anniversary!). We always have a big potluck dinner after services. This year, we were asked to bring a meat dish, veggie and dessert. As always, I was so excited about the dessert. I had picked up a cake mix at the store with the orange & black confetti in the batter and couldn't wait to use it so I decided to make cupcakes with it! Exciting, right? but that's not the best

I've been following Stephanie @ SweetCreationsByStephanie for about a month now! She is so talented! I came across her tutorial for a cupcake stand a few weeks ago and knew from the moment i saw it I had to make one. Now, I, myself am not that crafty but my husband on the other hand is the most craftiest(is that a word?) man you could ever meet. Name something and he can build/make it! So since I had decided on making the cupcakes for our dessert, I showed him the cupcake stand Stephanie had made and asked him if he would help me build it! To my suprise he was like, sure! You see, he'd rather build things with his welder or take apart our rhino(4 wheeling golf cart thing) but he said yes. So ALL DAY yesterday we built this darling(if i might say so myself) cupcake stand. It was a HUGE hit at church! So thank you Stephanie for the tips on how to make it, and thanks to my hubby of (1 year exactly TODAY!) for helping me! Now for the fun part! Here are the pictures of it. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to take any picture with the cupcakes on it. I could have cried when I realized that after it was all done. I made confetti orange and black cupcakes with chocolate icing and black and orange sprinkles with black, orange, and green cupcake holders that said boo. It was so cute! I'll check with everyone at church to see if anyone took a picture and i'll post it later if they did. enjoy and have a great week!

Ps. I had to add a picture of my cute leopard print glue gun ;)


  1. Kate,
    I love it, totally awesome! Hubby did a great job with your leapard print glue gun too!

    I'm glad you got a chance to use my tutorial. Each one you make gets easier and easier too.

  2. WHat a cute idea! You could do these for every holiday and day in between :)

  3. I totally told my husband I wanted to make one for every holiday! He died laughing :)

  4. Seriously, this is one of the cutest cupcake stands I've ever seen! And the fact that you made it...fantastic!

  5. You rock my socks off my little baker! :)

    Beautiful stand. :) Love you!