Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Royal Icing

Hi there y'all!

I'm on a mission to find a Royal Icing recipe that will work for me! I've tried several and it seems like it's either too thick or too thin and it's very frustrating! I follow so many cookie decorators on blogger that are so talented and seem to have it down to a tee! If any of you wonderful bloggers would like to share your recipe with me. Please leave a comment below! Thank you so much.

As for baking, in the past few weeks I've baked pumpkin bread, and cake pops! I made some really cute pumpkin bread mini loaves using a decorative pan my parents bought me from walmart. It's better homes and gardens and it is just down right adorable. I totally forgot to take a picture of the finished product, though :(

Next up, I hosted bunco this month at my house and was so busy getting ready for it, i forgot to take a picture of my darlin' cake pops when they were finished(all of them together) but I did run and snap the last few so y'all could see!

I coated them with Wilton Orange melts and bakers chocolate and then dipped them in some halloween sprinkles :) They were a hit!

Hope everyone is having and Oooberly awesome October!


  1. familiarize yourself with the 10 second rule for Royal icing. I use to have trouble with it but not anymore after taking the Wilton classes. I have my recipe on my blog.. check it out.


  2. Thank you Stephanie for all your help! I really appreciate it! Hopefully I'll get as good as your are, one day :)

  3. H Kate,

    I took all the Wilton classes too and discovered I'm afraid of royal icing! Lol ok so I'm only partially kidding. Cute cake pops by the way! I've never made them before. They're also on my list.


  4. If you haven't already check out University of Cookie...I contribute over there and it's everything you need to know!
    Here's the link for royal icing tips:

  5. Thanks y'all! I'm going to head over to university cookie and see if I can't get this down :)

  6. Hi Kate,

    Amanda from I am baker has a nice recipe, its her take on royal icing. Her video is also posted on the University of Cookies. Good luck, I know how it feels ;)

  7. Hey Kate, thanks for checking out the blog! I did use a toothpick not only to guide the icing to the corners of the cookie, but also to pop any tiny bubble that have risen to the surface after 5-10 minutes. Let me know if you have more questions, everything is fresh in my mind now! Good Luck and let me know how they turn out!

  8. Hi Kate! There's a royal icing recipe in my recipe index - if it's too stiff, just add a tsp of water until you get the consistency you like to pipe - it's a great recipe and dries very fast.

    Also - vegan baking, to me, tastes much better than regular baking. The flavors stand out more because they aren't masked by a buttery flavor. Even my meat-loving boyfriend can't get enough of my vegan baking!

  9. PS - the tip I used was a bakery craft 9pt baking tip!