Friday, January 21, 2011


Man, has this new year been crazy or what. I started it with my bff and her son going to Heaven and then this past Sunday my dad went to the hopsital for what we thought was a virus.

Turns out. My Daddy has such a bad virus it had completely dehydrated him to the point where he had NOTHING, not a thing in his system and everything was shuting down on him. You talk about words you never want to hear. His kidneys were failng and his blood pressure was out of control. He had developed pneumonia and was to the point where if we would have waited another minute to bring him in, he probably wouldn't still be alive. Thankfully we serve an awesome-healing God and my dad is doing a lot better. After being sedated with a ventalator for 3 days. I cried every single time I went in his room. To see your daddy lying in a bed helpless, with a tube down his throat and asleep. I can't breath even now thinking about it.

I just wanted to fill y'all in a little bit about what was going on and ask that you pray for my Daddy's recovery. I'm a strong believer in prayer. That's what saved my Daddy's life is our sweet, sweet Saviour. I pray that my Dad's heart stress test goes well, and that he can get some relief from his back pain. My dad is medically retired, due to a severe back problem he has had his whole life but got worse as he got older. He's still very young and I just want this all to get passed us and for him to be 100% better in no time.

Thank you in advance and if there is anything I can ever pray for, for you, leave me a comment(:

Blessings from our Wonderful Father,


  1. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  2. Kate if you EVER need anything, just ask. I am so very sad you are struggling. This breaks my heart.