Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The weather outside is frightful..

but the fire is delightful! It's snowing/sleeting in my neck of the woods and it's awesome. The ice we could live without, but what's TX without an ice day once or twice a year. We got two in a row (: I'm loving it!

Anyways, I've got a quick recipe that is mindless, that the husbie & i have been enjoying this winter. It's almost an every night thing. Which is good and bad.

It's microwavable SMORES!

Who doesn't like smores! I'm not big on marshmallows, but you put them with chocolate between a graham cracker and I'm all for it!

Microwavable Smores

1 Sheet of Graham Crackers(4 rectangles)
1 mini sized Hershey's bar(we've used bite size twix, snickers, etc.)
1 big marshmallow

take the sheet of graham crackers. break them in two. Then put two rectangles of chocolate on one side, top with the marshmallow and then put the other rectangle of chocolate and then heat it up for about 10 secs or until the chocolate is just lightly melted. Make sure if you have kids that you let them stand at the microwave and watch. It's my husbie and I's favorite part. The marshmallows get HUGE! Lastly, top with the other graham cracker rectangles and enjoy!

our walmart is now saling these JUMBO and i mean jumbo marshmallows. My husbie and I are going to try those next. They just might explode in the microwave.

PS. For those of you wondering, my daddy is doing a lot better. Praise the Lord (: and thanks for your prayers!


  1. Mmmm s'mores!!! I recently found your blog & love it! I tagged you for the 'Awesome Blog' Award.

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  2. AWWWWWWE!!! LOVE this idea...BUT dont tell me these things! I am already as big as a house!!! Love those ice storms, eh...JP. glad your dad is better =)